Can people get STUCK during sexual intercourse?

Comment by Anonymous user 8 years ago
It's no longer a rare issue. It happened recently here in Varese Italy of which an eyewitness (a nurse) testified to and sometime last week in Perugia. On both occasions the couples were taken to the emergency dept. of the nearest hospital where they got medical attention. Believe it or not, people getting stuck i.e. Captivus or vaginismus is not a myth. Read Full Discussion
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Can people get STUCK during sexual intercourse?

10 years ago | 110773 Views
Yes this is true its a condition called Penis Captivus or Vaginismus. In Zimbabwe this is mostly associated with witchcraft, where by Adulterous couple get stuck together "Lunkoka/Runyoka ".

Is penis captivus a true entity?

The condition of penis captivus has been reported in the literature for many years, although descriptions vary somewhat as to predisposing factors, anatomy, and physiologic mechanisms involved. The famous obstetrician Scanzoni felt that the vagina contracted and locked the penis in. (Scanzoni is probably most famous for his vitriolic attacks on Semmelweis after Semmelweis suggested that obstetricians wash their hands prior to examining a patient.) It was in 1872 that Hildebrandt first suggested that the mechanism consisted of a spasm of the levator ani muscle and spasm of the constrictor cunni muscles (bulbospongiosi). Hildebrandt also gave a case history from his gynecologic practice that was similar, although not an exact duplicate, to the case described by E.Y. Davis. In Hildebrandt's case the female had been suffering from vaginismus (spasm of the bulbospongiosi, preventing entrance of the penis) since her wedding night and was said to be a very nervous and excitable person. However, Hildebrandt stated that the couple freed themselves after their unfortunate experience with penis captivus and he had only the history that the woman had given to him.

The anatomy involved is well described by Lachman, who in a recent letter to JAMA appeared to accept the documentation of cases of penis captivus. He states that the pubococcygeus part of the levator ani is the most important muscle in this condition, although the bulbospongiosus and the urogenital diaphragm also contribute. Lachman feels that the contraction of the muscle tissue in the vagina contributes little to the condition. The mechanism is described as being a dilation of the inner two thirds of the vagina (caused by the elevation of the uterus into the false pelvis) and a constriction of the lower third by the muscles mentioned above. This then causes venous engorgement of the penis and the formation of a "lock and turned key" situation with the engorged penis being inside a dilated cavity yet being pulled against a narrowed orifice in the attempt to remove the organ from the vagina. The fact there is generalized muscle spasm during sexual intercourse has been well documented by Masters and Johnson. The theory that the perineal muscle spasm was the result of spread from other muscle spasms was probably first postulated by Hildebrandt in his article.

Most authors agree that the condition of penis captivus is found only in cases where the female has a prolonged history of vaginismus. When penis captivus occurs it is necessary for the spasm of vaginismus to begin after the act of penetration has been successfully completed. Supposedly the vaginismus has a psychologic etiology. It is this point of time relationship and the male reaction to the spasm that causes the authors' doubts as to the validity of penis captivus as a true entity. Vaginismus is, indeed, a well-known clinical entity, but in the original article that gave the name "vaginismus" to this condition of perineal muscle spasm the type of vaginismus described by Davis and Hildebrandt was not mentioned. The original cases of vaginismus all happened in women who had muscle spasm of severe degree at the first attempt at sexual intercourse. It is the senior author's personal opinion that it is highly improbable for spasm of the pubococcygeus and bulbospongiosus to be severe enough after penetration to cause penis captivus. We also feel that the normal male response to a contraction of this type would be relaxation of the penis, allowing withdrawal.

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Anonymous user 10 years
This is why I don't date female body builders. They lock down on that thing with their muscle contraction and make you beg for release.
Anonymous user 10 years
Ha ha ha this is just an urban myth mixed with Juju my friend
Anonymous user 10 years
this story does not carry any valuable information about runyoka and they are just repeating the same fact.let hom try to bonk another man's wife. you will get the truth..africans have the muti to look you.chenjera
Anonymous user 9 years
I this those who do not think this is true must come over here and see if they can say any anything any more...... :)
Anonymous user 8 years
It's no longer a rare issue. It happened recently here in Varese Italy of which an eyewitness (a nurse) testified to and sometime last week in Perugia. On both occasions the couples were taken to the emergency dept. of the nearest hospital where they got medical attention. Believe it or not, people getting stuck i.e. Captivus or vaginismus is not a myth.
Anonymous user 8 years
Yea its true.. rare cases.. it happens here in the philippines too.. the first case is a married man and a married girl made up and got stuck.. unfortunately they both died.. they found them already dead.. and the 2nd case is a college student sweethearts making up inside the campus and got stuck too.. but they decided to call for help.. face the shame.. better than be dead..
Anonymous user 8 years
f**k i got stuck HELP
Anonymous user 8 years
i would like to have that experience. how?
Anonymous user 7 years
captain captain I gotta giant boner, what do I do?
Anonymous user 7 years
It is fairly common for my wife if I get her too worked up. It does not hurt me at all but is it VERY painful for her if I try to pull out. It usually takes her 4-to-5 minutes to calm down and "release". It reminds me of some of the dogs I saw get "locked-up" when I was a kid. I am very surprised to see it described as rare.
Anonymous user 6 years
Wow I am surpprized same what the f**k
Anonymous user 6 years
How can one remove it or unlock it
Anonymous user 6 years
If he cum inside of her pussy, good for him. If he didn't then sucks to be him.
Anonymous user 5 years
This is no joke! I witnessed a case in1965 at a suburb called (Asafo) in Kumasi Ghana. It was at about 11:00 Am when the man had secretly gone to have sex with a married woman. They got stuck and could not pull out from each other. They raised an alarm and neighbors arrived at the scene. What I saw was that the cheating couple were literally being assisted into the back seat of a Mercedez Benz 180 taxi cab. They were covered with a bed sheet. It happened in a house directly opposite the Ahmadiyya Mission House at Asafo Kumasi. This is real and not any myth. I am hoping that somebody may read this account and corroborate it as many people came to witness the incident.
Anonymous user 5 years
Anonymous user 2 years
This is not a joke, it's real, it happens! I was in my twenties when I experienced this with a women in Asia. We were in the act and suddenly I had not control. I was stuck and it didn't feel good either. The pressure and pain was not fun. She was as surprised as I and when we finally were able to release, both were extremely glad. I was sore for days with a drip/strain and it took her time to recover. Not only was it a physical trauma but a mental one also.' So, believe it or not, this does happen and if it happens to you, you never forget it.
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