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Matabeleland South MDC-T youths lashes out at Mugabe

11 years ago | 25128 Views
Matabeleland South MDC-T youths  reportedly lashed out at Zanu-PF's 89-year-old President, Robert Mugabe's comments that locals in the region are flooding to South Africa to do menial jobs with youths saying Mugabe is to blame for the exodus.

MDC-T Matabeleland South youth spokesperson, Buletshi Nyathi said: "Mugabe's remarks are reckless and cannot go unchallenged, while it is true that most of our colleagues are in South Africa, they are in that country owing to Mugabe's disastrous economic policies since 1980.

“Mugabe has marginalised the province to the extent of youths going to South Africa to survive. There are no jobs in the region and if there are available, people from outside the region are grabbing them."

“Therefore, Mugabe is to blame for all this but it is surprising that he seems to enjoy making fun out of us," said Nyathi.

Mugabe attacked Matabeleland South people saying: “they came back from South Africa, some came twice a year carrying some blankets.

"That was a tradition. If they got a bicycle, they were sorted. They would come, stay a week or two and go back."
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Anonymous user 11 years
We are not expecting to solve problem with another problem thats all.
Anonymous user 11 years
What else can you expect from a hand-held youth.
Anonymous user 11 years
Oh, so he knows the effets of his Gukurahundi on Mathebeleland. He is a tribal leader, the one that believes in Zezuru hegemony. Thanx God, age cannot be rigged, otherwise he wld be claiming he is 50.
Anonymous user 11 years
Forward with devolution of power!!! this its disgusting from an 89 year retard, he clearly thinks this is funny!
Anonymous user 11 years
The youth from South Africa that let Mat South returned home to vote Zanu-PF coz Mugabe is great. mmm what a change of heart
Anonymous user 11 years
truly zimbabweans especially those in matabeleland why cry nd do nothing, its up to us now lets unite nd do something, DEVOLUTION of POWER is the way forward. Its a long time being marginalised rise up and do something
Anonymous user 11 years
i dnt he was voted 4 mat-south kungozviisa paneangakangamwa gukurahundi here
Anonymous user 11 years
Amasimba ezezuru mugabe
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