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Chancellor breaks Grade 7 national record, Only one pupil fails

10 years ago | 52240 Views
CHANCELLOR Primary School in Mutare has broken the national record of excellence after 42 of its Grade Seven pupils scored four units during this year's examinations. Acting Manicaland Provincial Education Director Mr Andrew Chigumira said Chancellor Primary School had the best qualitative results.

Only one pupil failed.

Chancellor also broke Hartzell Central Primary School's national record of 33 pupils with four units.

The school's headmaster, Mr Masimba Chihowa, attributed the success to unity of purpose between the School Development Association and staff members at the school.

"We are really happy with this achievement. It was indeed a great accomplishment for the school, teachers, the district as well as the province. It was all a result of hard work and determination from the teachers who had to start work at around 6am.

"I can say it was a combined effort. It took a lot of planning and dedication to duty, but we are happy that the parents also played a pivotal role in seeing the success of programmes and plans we tabled. Some of the programmes needed money.

"The Grade Seven teachers — Mrs Kuture, Mr Gwenzi, Mr Bizamare, Ms Charova and Mr Nyambo — did a splendid job and showed exceptional dedication to duty throughout the year.

"They also took advantage of a solid foundation built when these kids were in Grade Six," he said.

Mr Chihowa said the achievement was also a result of the effective implementation of Performance Lag Address Programme, which paid dividends for the school.

"Apart from the hard work and determination, the successful implementation of PLAP gave us results. We started intensifying revision in the second term in preparation for the exams.

"We would also like to add that we received a lot of advice and support from the district office through the District Education Officer in terms of operations and policy issues.

"I should also mention the effort put in by our deputy headmaster Mr Mapepa who happens to supervise Grades Six and Seven academic performances. The non-academic staff also did a splendid job in creating a conducive learning atmosphere," said Mr Chihowa.

Apart from the 42 who got four units each, 30 pupils got five units, while 31 got six units. 25 got seven units, while 16 attained eight units.
113 pupils had 9 units.

Overally, Government-owned primary schools in Manicaland proved their mettle as academic bastions to reckon with after posting highly impressive results.

The public schools in the province dominated the top 10, in which only one mission school made the grade.

Thumps up also go to Gaza Primary School of Chipinge, which brewed the shocker to emerge as the second best primary school in the province with 29 four pointers.

John Cowie Primary School of Rusape came third with 24 pupils with four points and 25 with five units. The school had 100 percent pass rate.

Hartzell, which topped the charts as the best performer in 2012 with 24 students with four units, came fourth this year. It had 23 pupils with four units.

The fifth best performing slot went to Chipinge Primary School and Mutare Junior who were both tied on 20 four pointers each.

Mt Mellary in Nyanga was on position seven with 17 pupils with four units.

Baring Primary School was eighth with 13 four pointers.

"Generally, the results were impressive and better than last year's. Some heads and teachers are doing their best under the circumstances. We have more top scorers than last year and this proves that our education delivery system is on a positive mend," said Mr Chigumira.

"We attribute the impressive results to availability of text books and the effective implementation of PLAP.

"Even in Buhera District where we had problems, this year they managed to improve. Generally, Government schools did well," he said.

Though Mr Chigumira hailed the performance by Government schools, he had unkind words for some non-Government schools, which he said must pull up their socks and give parents value for their investment.

The failure to meet the national goal of producing qualitative results by some of the schools, especially private and mission boarding primary schools, was in spite of some of the schools having best facilities, learning resources and hefty teacher incentives at their disposal.

"We expect these private schools to do even better given resources at their disposal. From a distance it would look like the teaching-learning process at these schools is falling short of expectations.

"I want to exhort those who may be sleeping on duty to appreciate the weight of responsibility on their shoulders," said Mr Chigumira.

Mr Chigumira said that four districts - Mutare, Chimanimani, Chipinge and Mutasa - had scored more than 50 percent pass rate.

Mutare District has the highest pass rate of 52 percent.

Last year, Mutare, Mutasa and Makoni were the only districts that achieved that feat. - Manicapost
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Anonymous user 10 years
The rigging syndrome,as usual from the eastern parts of Zim.Lets not celebrate corruption.
Anonymous user 10 years
that's a great success, keep that standard manicaland
Anonymous user 10 years
Well done. These are our heroes
Anonymous user 10 years
that is awesome... I am thinking twice now... Hillcrest muriko here uko? ko Oakhill? kana kuti Cross kopje? anana nhingi iiiii ndanyarara hangu.
Anonymous user 10 years
pliz continue next time becoz others also passed
Anonymous user 10 years
Vana samas vagara vanogona skuru. Big up
Anonymous user 9 years
Mr Chihowa , yes our school keep shinning, keep up the good work
Anonymous user 8 years
Well done, Manicaland! Thumbs up for Chancellor
Anonymous user 8 years
Jealous down veduwe-e. Vana samas vakagona
Anonymous user 8 years
How can I a place for my son pliz help ,l have been trying.thanks.
Anonymous user 8 years
yah that was good keep it up chancellor i was once a chancellor student
Anonymous user 8 years
well done chancellor keep it up denzel
Anonymous user 7 years
takazviiitaa izvoo
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