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Harare man demands sex from mother-in-law

11 years ago | 24480 Views
A Harare man has been hauled to Mbare magistrates' court for reportedly threatening to have sex with his mother-in-law whom he accused of being his prostitute.

The man, Wilson Tahwa aged 25, of Tongogara Whitecliff is not a happy son-in-law as he accuses his mother-in-law's husband for snatching his alleged prostitute, Memory Njini, from him.

Wilson has since appeared before magistrate Rueben Mukavhi facing a charge of criminal insult. He was not asked to plead and was remanded out of custody on free bail.

Allegations are that Wilson approached Memory at her place of residence and asked for the woman's husband. The State is alleging that Memory then advised her son-in-law that Memory's husband was not available at the premises.

Wilson reportedly went on to shout at his mother-in-law by uttering insulting words, "Iwe Memory waifunga wakangwara, manje ndinoda kurara newe kuti Lameck azvione kuti uri hure rangu. (Memory, you thought you were clever but now I want to have sex with you so that Lameck will see that you are my prostitute).

During the altercation, Wilson allegedly pushed the door in a bid to gain entry but his efforts were in vain after the mother-in-law blocked him outside. Further allegations are that he then removed some bricks from the wall so as to gain entry.

It is alleged that upon realising that she was in danger, Memory shouted for help in a bid to attract her husband's attention. Surprisingly, the husband (Lameck) immediately arrived at the premises forcing Wilson to run away in shame.

Wilson is however denying the allegations citing that he is angry at Lameck who snatched Memory (his mother-in-law) from him since they were in love. The conduct angered memory who then made a police report leading to her son-in-law's arrest. Hmetro
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Anonymous user 11 years
What's wrong with Shonas?
Anonymous user 11 years
oh my my my....Wilson usuhlanya. R u sho awunyonyobelwa ngumkhuhlane wengqondo.
Anonymous user 11 years
both parties could be at play
Anonymous user 11 years
F**k him..""!.
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