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Bob says elections before next year March!

9 years ago | 2364 Views

The 87-year-old president told a meeting of his Zanu-PF party in Harare that "elections will not go beyond March next year", state ZBC radio reported.

The announcement is in defiance of his Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) partners in the strained coalition government, who say elections cannot be held before May next year - and could even be pushed back to 2013.

In power since 1980, Mugabe was forced to sign a power-sharing deal in 2008 after election violence waged mainly by militant supporters of his Zanu-PF party left at least 200 MDC supporters dead.

Under a deal brokered by the regional Southern African Development Community Mugabe is supposed to have the agreement of both factions of the MDC before setting an election date.

"Zanu-PF has done everything to accommodate the unending list of demands from the other partners in the inclusive government," ZBC quoted him as saying.

Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai, the veteran leader of the main MDC faction, has said he will not support any unilateral decision taken by Mugabe on elections.

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