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Why Women Can Be Bitches

13 years ago | 4594 Views
"Not only is anger and aggression in a woman the fault of her genetics, but it may be passed down to your daughters, too. Yikes."

We all know the classic bitches: Women who speak their mind rather than bite their tongue. The women who rage against anything that provokes them: the man, the kids, the boss, their PMS. While we like to think their bad behavior is simply a case of bad judgment, new research shows that “bitchy” may be a gene.

Sorry, guys, but it's been scientifically proven that a woman can now blame her anger and aggression on her genes. Scientific research found that some women are genetically programmed to be angry and aggressive by a serotonin receptor gene. The good news is that not every woman carries it.

What does this mean for you? Not only is anger and aggression in a woman the fault of her genetics, but it may be passed down to your daughters, too. Yikes.

Why men are attracted to bitches

Ever heard the slogan "men love bitches"? The psychology behind the trend is quite simple: Anger, aggressiveness and stubbornness are sometimes perceived as self-confidence and associated with those who have strong boundaries. That kind of personality is sexy to both genders. So, if you happen to be one who feels safe and secure in the presence of a strong personality, then you might also be unknowingly helping to pass those genes. It's like Darwin's survival of the fittest: If men keep choosing the bitches, the bitchiest women will live on.

If you have chosen a bitch and aren't as enamored of her true colors, is there a solution? The answer is in the nature vs. nurture argument. If you want your woman to be less bitchy, nurture, nurture, nurture her. Environment has the ability to overcome, influence and even change our genetics. Likewise, the success of our behavior influences the likelihood that genes will be passed down to future generations. If it's too late to change your woman, you can keep hope for your daughters. Parental nurture, the way parents bring up their children, may also govern who children become.

Manage her bitchiness

So, how can you help nurture, you ask? The best ways to defend and prevent a woman's bitch factor are to:

Make your woman happy

You know the smallest things can make us happy. The thing is you have to do it because you want to, not because we asked you to. And if you're really with the right
woman, why wouldn't you want to do things that make her happy?

Let her win the argument

Even if you don't completely agree with the new pair of Jimmy Choo shoes she bought, don't let a small argument turn into a huge blowout. A lot of the time when couples get into huge fights, they bring up past issues that heighten the argument. Avoid this by downplaying our mistakes and realizing we're human too.

Accept that, yes, sometimes women are bitches

It's how we rise in power and gain control. No one would care about what we had to say if we were just that shy, overly generous woman. Male domination and aggression has occurred since human evolution. If we want to be recognized as equals, we need to be aggressive too.

For those of you guys who are brave enough to tackle these angry, aggressive women, beware that there are health risks involved. Anger and aggression can be a predictor of medical conditions such as high blood pressure. They are also commonly related to heart disease and hypertension. But don't worry, guys, not all women are genetically programmed to be angry and aggressive.

If you can't handle bitchy women, I suggest you don't date them or procreate with them. Until then, you can just patiently wait for that magic pill to come out that treats or curbs anger and aggression.

- Wendy Walsh
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iNdabaNdaba 13 years
Let her win the argument, No way thats a big NO to me.
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