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Zanu-PF already trying to 'rig polls' according to Baba Jukwa

11 years ago | 13559 Views

Baba Jukwa the self proclimed phrophet of the truth yesterday said the Mugabe led Party (Zanu-PF) currently unlawful registering people through their friends NIKUV through whatsapp. 

According to the faceles Zanu-PF mole, the party was sending messages to phone numbers taken from various network companies.

Baba Jukwa claimed that the read:

Hey if u didnt manage to register and are still interested u can register via sms or call to vote in hatfield. Send ur name, age, DOB, ID# to +263 731210665. Sign off with "ref: Lisa" . Deadline - midnight tonight 9th july."

BJ warned the public to be careful and not to cooperate with them (Zanu-PF) as "they want to take your names to their constituencies" like where Mnangagwa will contest. 

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