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Baba Jukwa warns of a 'huge plan to poison' Zim students in SA

11 years ago | 25322 Views
Since a lot of people don't get ample time to visit Baba Jukwa 'prophet of the truth' page on Facebook every now and then - I hope its not too late to share his warning to Zimbabwean students at the KwaZulu Natal University in South Africa.

This is what BJ 'prophet of the truth' posted today:
(about an hour ago) 2 July 2013 15:54

Zimbabwe I would like to warn some students who are attending KwaZulu Natal University to be very cautious if they are going to the Scholarship beneficiaries' get-together meeting at state house tomorrow.

There is a huge plan to poison the drink of all of the beneficiaries suspected to be working collaboratively with Baba Jukwa. Please be very careful because we still need you in our country.

This plan was hatched by MR BACKMAN and Kasukuwere who aim to take out influential students who have refused being evil.

Baba Jukwa
6 iNdabaNdaba
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Anonymous user 11 years
baba jukwa you are talking rubbish
Anonymous user 11 years
You are sick.!!!
Anonymous user 11 years
this is rubbish
Anonymous user 11 years
Baba Jukwa has run out of stories.............
Anonymous user 11 years
this iz bullshit
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