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Apple to launch HDTVs in 2012: rumor

10 years ago | 2133 Views
The Apple rumormill is buzzing with reports of Apple looking to a launch a range of HDTVs in March of next year.

Apple's currently on its 2nd generation of Apple TV peripheral boxes which allow users to stream their multimedia content from their iTunes libraries onto their TV/AV setups. An HDTV would be the next logical step for Apple to take as competitors now vie to conquer the living room with network-enabled TVs.

It's been reported that Apple are taking cues from Bose's recently released VideoWave system, which is a 46" LCD TV featuring built-in virtual surround speakers (16 speakers in total) and comes with a media unit and iPod dock. The key point is to simplify home cinema and target those that don't want to mess about with AV separates and hooking up 6 speakers for surround sound. This is obviously a leaf right out of Apple's book, and it would seem that they're likely to follow Bose's lead, although it's reported that Apple's HDTV will have just one cable, presumably the power cable.

spartacus-4518_0Bose has previously worked closely with Apple before, having produced the speakers and separate subwoofer for the Twentieth Anniversary Mac back in 1997.

Rumors currently state that the Apple HDTVs are expected to come in 3 different sizes. The TVs will be significantly thinner than Bose's VideoWave, at approximately 2 inches thick as opposed to six inches on the Bose unit, but will still pack 16 speakers.

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