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Beyonce, Rihanna, Celeb cellulite!

12 years ago | 16713 Views


B is a babe and her much talked about booty has almost become legendary. And according to makeup artists she has the most flawless skin in Hollywood. I mean look how silky her back is. She’s toned and beautiful and still has cellulite. (Image credit:

Jennifer Lopez

Speaking of bootielicious gals, J-Lo is definitely high up there. She’s “curvy” but quite capable to steam up the screen in bikini bottoms or hot shorts. And she also has it. (Image credit:

Lady Gaga

Gaga follows a murderous diet and exercise regime to fit into all her outlandish outfits, but even so the lumps and bumps are still there. (Image credit:

Mischa Barton

As a woman I feel bad for Mischa in this shot. The combination of direct sunshine on her unforgiving white skin does not make this the most fortunate pic ever. So did Mischa’s career go south when she started sagging? I don’t think so. She seems to be in very good company i.e. most of the women in the world. (Image credit:


And if you think the old orange peel look only happens to older woman, check out 23 year-old RiRi’s bum. It would be crazy to call this bombshell fat, and yet she has cellulite. So what am I saying? I’m saying that perhaps you women out there should start relaxing about your bodies. As the saying goes, there are 2 types of women in this world: those who have cellulite, and those who’ll still get cellulite. (Image credit:

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