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Man claims aliens worked with US military

10 years ago | 17926 Views
Australian broadcasting did a 6 minute morning segment featuring a US Air Force enlisted weather expert who spent two years working with three different extra-terrestrial races.

6 iNdabaNdaba
Tags: Aliens


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Anonymous user 10 years
Could they be as alien as the Warriors - a nathional football team in Zimbabwe - now called Mashonaland United?
Anonymous user 10 years
National! National! National buddy. Mashonaland United indeed!
Anonymous user 10 years
Why do you call the Warriors Mashonaland United?
Anonymous user 10 years
Is it not obvious that they are now Mashonaland United?
Anonymous user 10 years
Only cawards claim to be anonymous.
Anonymous user 10 years
get away msilakazi
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