Why is ZANU trying to stop Tsvangirai from getting married?

Comment by Anonymous user 6 years ago
Nxa Shlama sakho wena othuka uTsvangson. Nja yomuntu. Read Full Discussion
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Why is ZANU trying to stop Tsvangirai from getting married?

7 years ago | 12803 Views
What is it that these women want from Tsvangirai?
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Anonymous user 7 years
They just want to destroy his political career as they did to Pius Ncube. These issues are no different Ari ben Minashe
Anonymous user 7 years
tsvangirai is a very stupid man let him lie in his bed that he hs made this man of all pipo knows that zanu pf hates him wit passion n will do anything 2 discredi him he tsangison goes all e ova da world dipping his stick on any cookie jar he get hold of n thinks e zanu spies n propaganda masters will liv his sagas alone he,s very stupid tsangison n let his zanu enemies dance n wine on his grave that he himself dug wahahahahaha tsangirayi u going dwn 4 sho
Anonymous user 7 years
This all is stage managed , where was the South African lady when Tsvangy and Locy issue were hitting the headlines . Zanu yapererwa , ndiyo nyaya iya yakambotuarwa nezvayo zvichinzi CIO wants to use woman to destroy MDC espeacially Tsvangirayi
Anonymous user 7 years
i dont realy trust eiather Bob or tswangirai - gents catch a wake up - oyondeni kayingenwa ngumalume lonzukulu wakhe making fools out of you- tswangirai was spending $6000 a day for her girlfriend now livumelana lokuthi atshade " fine how much do you think this wedding will cost? u Bob spent millions for his birthday $10 000 worth of one bottle of champaign - now think twice gents Malume Bob is spending millions instead of stopping him again sesivumela umzukulu u Morgan to help Malume Bob rip off the state money - whilist we as zimbabweans dont even have a living wage" how many families do you think can be fed ngemali ezaseshenziswa emtshadweni lowu ?
Anonymous user 7 years
THATS the end of tsvangirai, zanu has an upper hand now, they will say he refuse to follow the law. how can he lead if he cant keep the law.
Anonymous user 7 years
thinking that Tswangirai will be ditched by us the masses for bedding women is a stupi assumption. i think what he dd or hes doing can not be compared to the butchering of masses and tearing the country into finer pieces. at least now he got a wife and is married so Zanu will never be able to use that anymore.
Anonymous user 7 years
politics is something else, starts with greed and then selfishness. If i was in their shoes i was gonna be doing the same.
Anonymous user 7 years
these idiots are all the same, they start off well and end up f**ked in the head, all they think about is money and enriching themselves, it is in their culture,let them fight it out amongst themselves, I only look toward some one who has his peoples interest at heart.
Anonymous user 6 years
Nxa Shlama sakho wena othuka uTsvangson. Nja yomuntu.
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