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Why iPhone 5?

11 years ago | 6446 Views
Apple unveiled the new superfast iPhone 5 last night boasting it was unlike any phone ever made.

Boss Phil Schiller told the launch event the gadget was "an absolute jewel".

Schiller said the smartphone, which weighs 112g and has a 4in widescreen, was "thinner, lighter and smaller".

The iPhone 5 might take up more room in your pocket, but looking at websites will be a lot more fun.

The new maps app is also impressive with its Flyover feature offering a Toytown, bird’s-eye 3D view of any location.

Compatibility with 4G networks and the faster download speeds they offer is another plus, while Apple’s claims of eight hours of browsing time is impressive.

Yet with its super-size screen, Apple may just be keeping up with its rivals rather than being truly innovative.
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