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Is it fair to compare Grace Mugabe to the late Sally Mugabe

6 years ago | 10870 Views
It is fair to say Sally Mugabe was loved by every Zimbabwean and it appears that she loved Zimbabwe with the same passion. Unfortunately the same cannot be said about Grace Mugabe. She is constantly being criticised by both the local and international media. Grace has also been the butt of infamous jokes for example being called the First Shopper. 

Susan Tsvangirai was generally fondly regarded by both MDC supporters and other Zimbabweans. As in Grace's case, the same cannot necessarily be said of Tsvangirai's new wife Elizabeth Macheka. Already she has been criticised for her expensive tastes. 

If this scenario is true then it appears that second wives compare very unfavourably to their predecessors. 

Fairly or unfairly Grace is always being compared to Sally, is the same going to happen with Susan and Elizabeth.
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Anonymous user 6 years
It is level of maturity of these women that lacks. Their husbands are at a very high level ...policy level. They could think bigger .....if you closely analyse the way conducts her time in public daily you can tell who they are. You rarely see these ladies with poor kids unless media is there to picture a funded project ...First lady is something that embraces quality leadership. The people of Zimbabwe will write the news on their mouths if you touch their lives. mmmmm the other new one for PM i know her from Chitungwiza and I know her father very well .They grew up in the ghetto and hopefully she will never forget Ghetto needs help. Grace grew up poor as well...once you live in comfort you tell to forget .I suggest vaitwe grooming yakasimba.Panational leadership apa hapasi peshopping, lipstick and being girlish ,panoda amai vakasimba-Amai Zimbabwe chaivo ...mmmm mwana wekwamacheka uyu ndinomuziva kukura kuchitown ,zvaada murume ati kurei kudai lets hope anowana simba nematurity chaiyo ....baba vake ndinovaziva vamacheka ...
Anonymous user 6 years
Mumwe anogona kuva mudiki asi agova ne rudo ne njere. What the nation wants is love of orphans. poor and elderly and respect too. Lets wait and see what future mai Tsvangirai is bringing to the nation. Asika haazi mudiki nokuti munhu aka mbova pa murume the previous in-laws know it all. Haazi mhandara kwete mufurwi (widow).
Anonymous user 6 years
Problem yatava nayoapa ndeya ivo va PM Tsvangirai. Varikureva kuti chi Shona havachizivi here? Kana Locadia Karimatsenga achiti mukadzi vawo havagone here kumuramba no kuno bvisa GUPURO 10 dollars kuna vatete vake before Saturday zvobva zvapera. Watch me PM havazi decided navo futi ngavave ne pfungwa one so mutungamiriri we nyika.
Anonymous user 6 years
Noone will ever compare to Sally, she was the best and we still cherish her. Susan did her bit as well and if she had lived would hve been loved by all, as for the other two, umm I will hold my peace for who am i to judge? lol
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