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Shona leaders only want Ndebeles to be under them?

6 years ago | 11218 Views
President Mugabe made an about-turn yesterday and excluded MDC leader Welshman Ncube from the meeting of GPA principals despite making a commitment to respect a Sadc resolution on the matter.
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myAfroTube 6 years
Its about time Ncube realise that he should be fighting the MLF fight as well, not to act like he can not see what's happening. Whether Zimbabwe is too small a country to be divided, it really don't matter anymore. We want a nation where everyone will be seen as a national with no 2nd classes. NCUBE vuka mani siqamule ilizwe ubuse!
Anonymous user 6 years
There are 'small' countries like Lesotho, Swaziland, Surimane, Guiana, and a whole host around the world smaller than Mthwakazi. Zanu Pf is not aware of that. They have yet to know about the world to notice how natural the need for Mthwakazi to have her own territorial space and integrity is. In any case, the Shona no longer have the moral nor the ethical right to rule over the Ndebele. They forfeited that the moment they mounted a genocide against the Ndebele. Ndebeles in Zanu PF and the two MCDs do not notice that either. That is why Ncube is so blind to what is going on. It is no good inviting him over to Ndebele nationalism if he has not yet noticed on his own that the Shona hate the Ndebele with a passion, and the Ndebele have to find a way of surviving in all that hatred.
Anonymous user 6 years
You Ndebele settlers have the nerve. What makes you different from the white settlers who came only thirty years after your settlement in Zim. Musamutse hasha dzemuZezuru nemuKaranga. Just go back mhani where you belong, there in Kwazulu Natal in S.A. Just go back and we will never miss you. Was it a crime to give a sanctuary from that barbaric semi lunatic Shaka Zulu?
Anonymous user 6 years
Msunu wenja wena, ligcwele eSOUTH AFRICA zinja zothuvi, [Some people] othuvi ngemilomo enukayo, ungambuluzeli amaNdebele ngokulilzwe kwenu kwendlala, okubole njengani zinja zikaMGABI/E/O/U/A
Anonymous user 6 years
Ziphi izagila sidle imikhenkethe le ( amakwerekwere}, ngitsho lokhu okukhuluma kuklabala engathi kugwazwe ngomkhonto emhlane.
Anonymous user 6 years
it a blessing that you didnt go Welshman, ubuzophenduka usunuka phu ubushona obamaqolwane. Uzokwaliwa ngumfazi, labantwabakho bakuphike.
Anonymous user 6 years
MaTshona you should be ashamed of yourselves honestly, you should by now be aware that ubushona yinto embi, bubulala ilizwe, Where is air Rhodesia which was left by Ian Smith, infrastructure gone due to bushona. The country is at a stand still due to BuTshona. Vele itshona kalilanto enhle, Okungonhingrikiri lokhu. Kambe ungadla igundwane ungalunga?
Anonymous user 6 years
ALL NDEBELE guys think is that they can rule the land of mukaranga ang kalanga.4get .you murderers.take the sena mugabe with you .shona that and shona this .imbwa dzavanhu tshaka nemi murimbwa dzavanhu.muchanya imi nevarungu maita muchararama nezvekupamba kusvika rini.inyika yemukaranga nemukalanga.kanganwayi endayi zululand kana mada zvenyika yenyu mega .muwone kuti munoitweyi.mboko
Anonymous user 6 years
imi mandevere hamuna musoro zvachose,welshman akafurirwa naMbeki kubatsira Mugabe kuti MDC T isapinda mupower.saka munochemei mboko dzevanhu.munongogara muchitengeswa nemaleaders enyu but hamufunge.makambobvunza Nkomo here kuti akasayina chii in 1987 mushure mekupondesa vanhu?ikozvino vamwe vacho varikudya namugabe wacho.fuza ndini.nxa
Anonymous user 6 years
i loved it when that shona boy was killed in diepslot thats what they all derseve these mbeba eaters south africa knows the difference btwn shona and ndebele
Anonymous user 6 years
Uyanya wena, where were you when it happened? when Ncube was fooled by Thabo?. Above all ubushona buyanuka njalo bubulala ilizwe..
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