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Is it True that Tsvangirai has no capacity to negotiate?

9 years ago | 8480 Views

Recently someone once very close and dare to our Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai said something that some people have been discussing behind close doors, that the PM needs "psychological evaluation" and help.

On 14 July 2012 in an interview with the Sunday Mail the leader of the smaller MDC faction, Professor Welshman Ncube revealed that the MDC-T leader cannot be trusted by those he gives the responsibility to tackle issues on behalf of the party because even up to now, he changes positions whenever there is a backlash.

Said Prof Ncube: "You recall that in the united MDC I was tasked with the responsibility of negotiating with Zanu-PF . . . We negotiated many of the amendments to Posa, Aippa, all of those things were negotiated.

"When you negotiate, you always have a principal. Your principal is the leader of the party, your president. So, you always negotiate within the parameters of what you are given. Where you cannot agree, you go back and report that you cannot agree; this is what is on the table, what about this? You are then given a mandate, okay, go and try this one.

I always did that but "Among ourselves, with Tsvangirai as the president of the MDC, we were always able to agree to say okay let us do this. But when you went outside that, one never always got the support on things that we would have agreed on ... If you have a principal who authorises a compromise and then backtracks on that compromise, that is a problem.

From the comments from those close to the PM in his personal and professional circles there maybe a strong argument for those questioning Tsvangirai's leadership qualities.

However he is the only opposition leader who has managed to survive against Mugabe for more than decade. Could it be that people underestimating him is his secret weapon in negotiations?
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iNdabaNdaba 9 years
Melu Mbesta Mhlanga via FB : I thnk he's too soft, wat we nid z a hard-liner, sme1 who can stand up against Who z who in politics. Zim's domestic policy z centralized on certain provinces. We nid an all-rounder nt a puppet. Sme1 who cn lead an initiative....
iNdabaNdaba 9 years
Edward Sibanyoni via FB : My take is different. These guys should be presenting a united front and equipping each other. But as long as they back stab one another,Mgabhe is the ultimate winner
iNdabaNdaba 9 years
Melu Mbesta Mhlanga via FB : Mr Tsvangirai must swallow humble pie ñ b united w hz ada haf so as 2 win. Pple on d ground r confused on whom 2 vote. United we stand, ñ we cn do mo 4 our beloved country.
8 minutes ago
Anonymous user 9 years
hee Tsvangirai this and that hee he is weak. Who stood up to Mugabe when everyonelse cowered under the tables whilst Bob mashed up the economy. Its Tsvangirai. You now have a voice because of this man. If it wasn't Tsvangirai mungadai muchingorindwa naBob kumanyowa and calling yourselves men. Shut up and let the guy finish what he started.
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