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Why are Zimbabweans harsh on homosexuality but joke about bestiality?

11 years ago | 19322 Views
Lately there has been a rise incidents of people committing the unnatural and immoral act of bestiality (sexually abusing animals). People joke and make light of this issue but are harsh  when it comes to homosexuality. Are these double standards?

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Anonymous user 11 years
homosexuality is not joke coz its men on men whereas bestiality, ah, what else would that be rather than a joke? would u joke about f**king a man's soiled buttocks? this is no joke.
Anonymous user 11 years
they are just ignorant....
Anonymous user 11 years
Zimbabwe's first President was homosexual. He was never persecuted or frowned upon.
Anonymous user 11 years
At this rate marrying an animal will be legalised as failing to recognise it will be seen as a violation of human rights, it freedom of choice & association. I find this whole homosexuaality & bestiality sickening.
Anonymous user 11 years
who has campaigned4 bestiality rights? n that doesnt justify e act.Both acts are e same, if one is caught in such act hez bound4 prosecution dnt try2 justify evil deeds .homosxlty is no joke,God wont hazitate 2 punish e world4 it lyk he did2 Sodom n Gomora and as long as the God fearing pple exist then that issúe wil stil b opposed
Anonymous user 11 years
i didn't noe that Zimbos emselves are ths evíl. Is it bcz e economy is imprvin n pple are makin möney. I dnt remember ths being a point 2 argue during thoz harsh days(2006-2009) if riches r making ths happen then God shld bring thoz days bek or if e sö called civílization is e cause en may God turn bek e handz of tym back 2 e stone age. Homosexuality is disgusting even 2 a dog
Anonymous user 11 years
I have not heard or seen homosexual animals. Homosexuals in my view are worse of than animals. This cancerous behavoiur must be subjected to chemotherapy. The rate at which it is gaining acceptence is alarming.
Anonymous user 11 years
Is this a joke or something? You very well know what happens when one shags an animal. So don't see your point.
Anonymous user 11 years
just go to hell with your stupid allegations about Zimbabweans. We tolerate no such nonsense both bestiality and homosexuality are just but sick ideas and acts and true Zimbabweans shld ever embrace them.
Anonymous user 11 years
There is no such thing as a perfect world, "gay" people are still human beings, whether we like it or not. Besides who cares what anyone does in their private life. About bestiality....well, we need a lot psychologists to address the mental illnesses affecting these individuals.
Anonymous user 11 years
Both acts are unnatural, lets call a spade a spade. Anyone who practices either of the two should be treated the same, the bible clearly condemns them.
Anonymous user 11 years
The answers are found in the Bible. Go back to genesis and see what happened after God had created Adam and all animals. it states that after naming all the animals, as was his duty; he still found no companion, so he was lonely. Then the caring god and creator takes his special time to create a woman-- Eve as the suitable companion to Adam. This is the only ideal and acceptable marriage that sane and principled people will accept! One will agree that it is easy to reproduce or come up with a replica, than creating a different object. But God deliberately chose to create Eve, and not produce a replica of Adam as the suitable companion. This should explain the truth that God designed it to be so. then talking about animals is all a set of insanity, God couldn't have bothered to create eve, he could just have said "Adam, pick a suitable companion from these animals that i have brought before you". So if the creation issue is no mistake, then let people stick to principle. Civilization should not come as a way to insult God.
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