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Wife Burns Hubby With Cooking Oil for Refusing Sex

11 years ago | 13606 Views
A husband who was refusing to sleep with his wife paid a heavy price when his wife poured hot cooking oil over him as he slept. Muchaneta Beauty Manyande was dragged to court and she pleaded guilty to contravening the Domestic Violence Act. She will perform 210 hours of unpaid work for burning her husband Richard Kagocha.

She admitted to scalding Kagocha with hot oil but submitted that she did it in self-defence as her husband was assaulting her and refusing to sleep with her. Allegations are that on October 4 around 5am, Kagocha was asleep when his wife Manyande boiled cooking oil and splashed it on him. He sustained burns on his stomach, thigh and right hand.

Asked why she had not reported the assault to the police, she said Kagoche had threatened to ditch her. The matter took a new twist before the court when Kagocha testified that he had to seek solace in beer after his wife accused him of sleeping with his mother.

Manyande however did not challenge the statement and said that Kagocha had told her that he will no longer sleep with her again and promised to make her suffer. She added that she once had an argument with Kagocha in connection with his devotion to his mother. H METRO
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Anonymous user 11 years
a[Some people] lawo,ay'a-a-a!!!!!!
Anonymous user 11 years
yu will die idiots netribalism yako iyoyo yekuvenga mashona
Anonymous user 11 years
I wonder what this world is turning into really?

Anonymous user 11 years
i think ndebele's are more tribalist than shonas.... you folks need to realise we are each other and stop this hate-speech.... nxahhh
Anonymous user 11 years
Mhlathi yabonyoko lina mahole MAshona likhuluma ishirt...yenu IGUKURAWUNDE ibulele amandebele STRONG. Mabeshe abomayi benyu all of you>>>>>>>>>U
Anonymous user 11 years
tribalism...really? come on people, we have a lot of pressing issues in the world. besides why carry burdens from the past. You are all able share your opinions because you are alive today.... real heroes died for our freedom and most never got credit for it! please mature and educate the next genaration to live in harmony
Anonymous user 11 years
councelling is the best medine for such issues, we need elders who will play such roles in the community, not forgrting the church, christian values are also important. if we put God first all marriages will be okay. lets stop promoting the devil, we need to work for the Lord. wish this year we gonna have lesser stories on such issues and pliz people think about God first. bulawayo
Anonymous user 11 years
kumhata mundevele
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