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Bulawayo lesbian (19) arrested for licking a nine-year-old child's privates

10 years ago | 23704 Views
A SELF-PROCLAIMED Tshabalala lesbian has been arrested after she licked a nine-year-old child's privates who resides in the same suburb.

The 19-year-old woman, Livion Moyo, is reported to have sometime last month met the girl (name withheld) at a shopping centre in the suburb and asked her to come to her house.

However the girl did not. On Tuesday, Moyo saw the girl walking past her home and called her. The girl is reported to have heeded the call and went to the woman's home. Moyo advised her to go and change her school uniform and return afterwards as she wanted to give her SOMETHING.

Hearing the prospect of being given something, the girl did like wise and returned a few minutes later.

Moyo then instructed the girl to get into the house and wait for her.

Moments later she emerged armed with two bananas and an orange. Moyo is said to have switched on the television and played a pornographic video showing two women having a go at each other. She then asked the girl if she could do what she was seeing.

The girl was baffled by the question and failed to respond. Moyo told the girl to lie on the sofa before taking off her under garment. She went on to lick her privates and during the process asked the girl if she was enjoying.After the licking, she inserted a finger into the girl's privates. Having satisfied her desires, she gave the girl the fruits and told her to go home. The matter was discovered a few days later after the girl complained about her privates being itchy.

The mother turned a blind eye but the situation got worse when the girl's privates started discharging pus. After being quizzed the girl revealed that Moyo had inserted a finger into her privates. The mother made a report to the police leading to Moyo's arrest. She was hauled before the courts facing a charge of aggravated indecent assault.

Western Commonage magistrate, Shepherd Mjanja remanded her in custody to 22 November for continuation of trial. -BMetro
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Anonymous user 10 years
even the insects find it taboo' so to qoute the president
Anonymous user 10 years
whats wrong with the world?
Anonymous user 10 years
This world needs Jesus! May God forgive this young lady, its never too late for her to come to Jesus. To all gays and lesbians, people may hate and prosecute you for your actions, but there is only one man who is ready to forgive you, just give your life to him today and he will make you whole again (become straight), his name is Jesus.
Anonymous user 10 years
Where in the bible does it say that homosexuality is a worse sin that stealing, adultery, fornication, killing, envy etc etc? Why do people pre-occupy themselves so much with what some consenting adults do with their bodies and to each other in private? Think. It's none of your business really. There are far more PERTINENT issues to worry about. "Judge not lest you be judged. Vengeance is mine says the Lord."
Anonymous user 10 years
damn! Couldnt this gal go 4 a consenting adult.that's jus wrong,2 do that 2 a kid.wat is รจ world coming to? Fathers raping their kids,neighbors abusing abantwana.kubi shame.
Anonymous user 10 years
This woman needs psychiatric help! lesbian or not, a normal person does not do such disgusting acts! poor girl....this experience will affect her for a very long time. Children need to be protected and parents need to pay attention to their children. I admire the little girl for telling her mother, more kids need to tell their parents so that pedophiles are locked away and keep communities safe.
Anonymous user 10 years
gaysm and lesbians should be banned in zim. its against God' commandment. men foe women, and women for men. bulawayo christian
Anonymous user 10 years
To Bulawayo Christian: You can ban gays but cannot change who they are......despited the sexual orientation. Molesting a child is just wrong.
Anonymous user 9 years
ohhh i need to have sex
Anonymous user 8 years
Was I the only kid wishing to be raped at the age of 10 by an older woman? O.o
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