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Reviewing Morgan Tsvangirai's New book: 'At the Deep End'

8 years ago | 6908 Views
According to the Book's publish Penguin Books, Morgan Tsvangirai: At the Deep End is the story of a man who through everything he has endured has remained committed to working for peace and democracy for all in his country, and in the process become a beacon of hope for a beleaguered nation.

This here is a comment on the book by someone who claims to have read the book up to page 400 and could not go any farther as the book appears to be based on nothing but a lie.

"I have read the book up to page 400. I simply cant go on reading. The guy is so defensive I don't know why. He is the one that is right and everyone else is wrong in the book. The Ben Menashe case he puts on Ncube's door."

As for me I haven't read the book yet but that should not stop me from allowing those who have ready the book ton review it on my iBlog.

If you have read or heard about the book please kindly share your views below:
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Anonymous user 8 years
Tsvangirai is now a confused cockroach.Probably that book is not his brainchild. I think it's now proven that Zimbabweans do need opposition but it seems there is a leadership vacuum in the current parties,none of the current politicians in Zim can be trusted.The future of Zimbabwe is now in the hands of Zimbabweans in the diaspora.Raise y'all Zimbabwean in exile !
Anonymous user 8 years
Only read excepts of the book that were published on the Saturday Star about two weeks ago and I must I was not disappointed. The man clearly confirmed view , that he is a closet ZANU sympathizer and worships the ground were Mugabe walks on. According to Mugabe is no tribalist because he had non-Shona wife. How pathetic can one's excuse be for you do not have to hate all the tribes in the world out there to be certified tribalist. He seems to suffer from selective amnesia when it comes to the Gukurahundi massacres that were clearly informed by tribal hatred. He forgets that the formation of ZANU was informed by tribal issues and would like the people to believe that Mugabe worked well with other nationalists who were not Shonas. We will not be fooled by people like him.
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