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Makhokhoba women take it to Facebook, to educate each other

8 years ago | 5325 Views
"Can a person get preg after having sex wthought protection 3days b4 her period what happens?"[sic]

Lady 01: cnc when has a period become a protection

Lady 02 : not possible ... a woman can only get pregnant during her ovulation period...which is day 11 - 16 thats if u have a 28 day menstrual cycle .... three days before your period the egg wud have moved from the fallopen tube to the uterus and fertilisation cant not take place there....

Lady 03 : Jele Are u sure about that @Lady 02??

Lady 04: @Lady 02 I gt pregnant 2 days b4 my period,makuyisikhathi yisikhath. Jus condomise sisi if u nt ready.

Lady 05: Its true cc

Lady 06: I suggest u're preg cz ukumensa is nt a protection

Lady 07: @Lady 02 ovulation days count, and again it all varies with one cycle and fertility......possible to get preg anytime...

Lady 08: Yes its possible to get pregnant,pple are different lamacycles ethu are different,so tht method of avoiding pregnancy is never reliable...

Lady 09: U will not only get pregnant but YOU might also get HIV&STDs

Lady 10: Wait 3 days and tell us

Lady 11: Got preg 3days after my periods

Lady 12: Theoraticaly no bt practicaly vry likely.

Lady 13: Hayi hayi lina liduba ngokufuna sibengodokotela benu bamahara,thenga i preg test dali lami ngiku same predicament so waiting to hear from you.

Lady 14: Mina I was due on th 5th nd hd sex on th 3rd. Guess wat, I got pregnant my boy z turning 24 in 2mnths tym. So its vry possible bt rare.
Lady 15: @Lady 02 kanti nxa umunyisa awukho ku ovulation ungaphi usisi we private skul yabelungu asisize kikiki
Lady 16: Yes cc ten days b4 yo periods & ten days after yo periods are high risk of getting preg thina ase yenze i biology siya zazi lezinto kiki
Lady 17: If you have unprotected sex, you are bound to get pregnant. it cant get any simpler than that.
Lady 16: ‎@Lady 02 did u do biology @ school thats a3 days b4 yo period hai ah thats a high risk my frend
Lady 18:
Lady 02: thats y i said 28 days cycle .... but it depends on i diet and environment and type of genes and hormonal level (oestrogen) in on person...of course it varies with an individual .... am not an expect guys am juc sharung what Mr T Dube from Magwegwe High school tought me... but u can also check your discharge bathi if its too much and if its has too much mucus on it u have high chance...
Lady 19: mayb uya phambanisa i think he might hav said a women cannot get preg only 3 days in a month coz yes that 1 its true i thnk only only 3 to 5 days in month we cn not fall preg
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myAfroTube 8 years
I thought Johnson and Johnson used to teach you guys about this at school!
Anonymous user 6 years
Hey guys can i ask today its my last day of my period and we do sex hw mny change dat i wll get pregnant?
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