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Eddie Murphy to Host 2012 Oscars?

12 years ago | 2309 Views

There are  rumors that comedian and actor Eddie Murphy will host the 84th Annual Academy Awards on February 26, 2012!

As you may already know this is the first time Murphy will be on stage performing any type of comedy since his Raw comedy tour that eventually became a film of the same title in 1987.

Murphy, who is by far the world’s biggest comedic actor, has never hosted the Academy Awards before and hasn’t even been on stage in over 20 years.

Still, his live-on-stage talent hasn't been in use in about a quarter-century, so going with Murphy is a risky decision. Plus, aside from his voice work in the "Shrek" series, Murphy's movie career hasn't exactly been on fire recently. (He was, however, nominated for an Oscar for 2006's "Dreamgirls.")
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