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Mujuru's family missed Baba Jukwa's story

11 years ago | 37528 Views
I thought BJ solved Mujuru's murder case. But how come Joel Mujuru is saying their family is not resting and has resorted to traditional ways to get to the bottom of what led to the decorated army commander's death. 
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Anonymous user 11 years
kanti kwenzakalani vele
iNdabaNdaba 11 years
I think the family is asking wrong people they should be talking to Jukwaz!
Anonymous user 11 years
why is it ukufa kubukeka sengathi kubuhlungu kakhulu kwa-mjure than anywhere else?loyo mjuru wabulala abangaki?wasn`t he part of gukurahundi?
Anonymous user 11 years
if you live by the sword, why are people surprised when you die by the sword?
Anonymous user 11 years
the person is dead. Whether ubuza inyanga ukuthi ubulewe yini or ubaba jukwa...tht won't help.
Anonymous user 11 years
our parents and grand parents died a painful death during the gukurahundi, but no one seem interested in doing justice, does this mean there was nothing peculiar about them, save us the mujuru saga please......worse off he was killed by people of his tribe, who cares???????????
Anonymous user 11 years
Ever listened to echoes in the valley the words u yell yell back to you so don't be fooled God does not die in the fullness of time all shall be revealed
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