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I fell in love with Rusape!

11 years ago | 7246 Views
Check out this beautiful place located in Rusape, Makoni District, Manicaland provence, Zimbabwe.

The image was posted on Facebook by the founder of the 'Girl Child Network', Muzvare Betty Makoni under the caption:

"Our guests from abroad and far will first gather here for the royal night. we will make it happen and it will happen ....the power in the spirit will never tire ...happy royal day in August Zimbabwe ...get your purple dress ready hey"

In her own words Muzvare described the place as:

"Girls Empowerment Village .....built 2001 ...a place where over 30 000 Vazvare buried official shrine INdaba Ndaba I am determined to show the world other great traditions people dont talk about and this is one of is sacred and thats where my title Muzvare comes from know little corners in our villages we overlook and then they are bigger than we think....."

Betty Makoni: "Those are hostels for girls and visitors and the one side there is a big museum and a big kitchen ..when you go in you see stones =granite built inside and it feels as if you are walking in a forest"

Betty Makoni: "There are some ladies who are visiting from many countries for the royal night ..want the world to see this amazing place"

Betty Makoni: "The rock you see there gives water throughout the year is a rock that brings out water and its the mystery is the place where Chingaira the last to surrender in first chimurenga war was beheaded just below the valley there ...stories and stories here"
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