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High School principal impregnates student then trys to help her abort

11 years ago | 7459 Views
The Principal of Baptist High School, in Nigeria Mr Ajayi Ajibulu has been accused of impregnating one of his students and trying to abort the pregnancy.

Sources from the town revealed that the girl (name withheld) was a regular caller at the Principal’s house who was a friend to her father, a retired Army officer and usually helps to deliver message from their sister who lived in Lokoja.

Saturday Vanguard gathered that the secret was exposed when a friend of the girl saw a letter written by the principal given to the girl to deliver to a doctor who will help them to abort the pregnancy.

The girl was said to have been scared of undergoing the abortion which was the third time, and therefore, refused to deliver the letter to the doctor on time before the friend saw the letter.

The friend was said to have quickly hinted the girl’s father who raised alarm that caught the attention of the town. Irate youths of the town later ambushed the principal and led him to the palace of the king.

The King, Oba Solomon Hambolu was said to have persuaded the community not to take law into their hands but allow the palace to take action on him.

Saturday Vanguard gathered that the Principal who is also a Deacon in the Church had been having crisis with some members of his staff who have been accusing him of involving in diabolic dealing.

While at the palace, the Principal was said to have escape from the people and  fled the town ever since.
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