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Man claims aliens worked with US military

9 years ago | 15937 Views
Australian broadcasting did a 6 minute morning segment featuring a US Air Force enlisted weather expert who spent two years working with three different extra-terrestrial races.

6 iNdabaNdaba
Tags: Aliens


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Anonymous user 9 years
Could they be as alien as the Warriors - a nathional football team in Zimbabwe - now called Mashonaland United?
Anonymous user 9 years
National! National! National buddy. Mashonaland United indeed!
Anonymous user 9 years
Why do you call the Warriors Mashonaland United?
Anonymous user 9 years
Is it not obvious that they are now Mashonaland United?
Anonymous user 9 years
Only cawards claim to be anonymous.
Anonymous user 9 years
get away msilakazi
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