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Employer locks maid up and bashes her with a golf club

11 years ago | 13409 Views
Cape Town - A Cape Town domestic worker says her employer locked her up and beat her with a golf club for several hours after accusing her of stealing from her.

Sindiwe Moyikwa, 37, of Langa said her employer, Roshaan Davids, from Surrey Estate, was initially nice to her. She was paid R120 a day for coming in three days a week, reported the Cape Argus.

"I thought she was a nice person," said Moyikwa.

Things changed after about six months when Davids accused her of stealing a set of bangles and a watch.

During a confrontation, the door was locked and Moyikwa was allegedly assaulted for six hours, hit with a golf club and sprayed with pepper spray.

She passed out several times during the assault.

Moyikwa needed hospital treatment after the attack and was still having dizzy spells.

She said she was rescued by Davids's ex-boyfriend who came to the house at about 21:00 and heard her screams.

She was taken to hospital for treatment.

Davids was arrested after the incident and has appeared in the Athlone Magistrate's Court on a charge of assault with intent to commit grievous bodily harm.

Davids indicated she would lay a counter-charge against Moyikwa, saying the domestic worker attacked her first.
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Anonymous user 11 years
she is very stupit and cruel
Anonymous user 11 years
Mahouse maid agara anonetsa .I disaggree with the beating but sometimes vasikana ava they push you too far .I had a maid who was so untidy and disorganised and would leave menstrual blood on her clothes and my sheets .What would you do with such a person ,and she says she wants to keep her job .Seriously !!!
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