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Magagula blasts Simon Khaya Moyo

11 years ago | 40750 Views
I write with great shock,disbelief and anger at the extent of lies that was peddled by Zanu pf's Chairman Simon Khaya Moyo at the ANC's august Conference at Mangaung.

It is unfair, unjust and unpalatable that Simon Khaya Moyo for one, would stand in front of those distinguished delegates only to present falsehood. Simon, like all other politician and leader should know that what they say serves as lessons and is internalised by the Youth who later emulate.

Simon knows as I do that Zanu-pf was not friendly to ANC during the struggle for both countries and his party Zanu-pf, as Government of Zimbabwe sold out the ANC; killed some of its Umkonto guerrillas and dumped their bodies at Bhalagwe disused mines together with their Zipra comrades in arms.

Mr Moyo knows very well that his party Zanu-pf signed secret deals with Apatheid South Africa to eliminate ANC. This resulted in the bombings of ANC safe houses in Bulawayo (Trennance) and elsewhere.

Zimbabwe's Zanu-pf ditched other Front Line States and sold out ANC and Umkonto in particular, including taking all MK arms of war kept by Zapu in their full knowledge and pretended they were Zipra's thus justifying the Genocide on Mthwakazi.

Moyo must be man enough to explain that Zanu-pf and Apartheid South Africa supported each other in the 1980's Genocide that left over 500 000 Mthwakazians dead; raped; maimed and scattered all over the world.

The secrete agreement between Zanu-pf and apartheid South Africa saw the birth of Super Zapu dissidents who terrorized Mthwakazi villagers and killed white farmers in places like Nyamandlovu and other parts of Mthwakazi country. This culminated in the Genocide that was meant to annihilate and put to extinction the whole Mthwakazi nation.

May I remind the honorable Chairman of a day in Gwanda when he shed tears publicly after hearing how Zanu-pf's Gukurahundi was starving the nation and how the Ex Zipras and Mk soldiers were executed and later thrown into the Bhalagwe Mines.

It is just too soon to start building false histories because some surviving victims are still around to dispute you. It is also belittling and rude to South Africans to tell such blunt ant untruth. - David Magagula
18 iNdabaNdaba
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Anonymous user 11 years
Mtshele Magagula thina la e UK syibambile i Mthwakazi o Khaya bazenza amaganyana thina sikhona, bazoyisutha induku. Mthwakazi Stockton-On-Tees branch England UK.
Anonymous user 11 years
Amasela, abathengisi, ababulali ofeleba abaphume kwelika Mthwakazi please lingakabatshoneli
Anonymous user 11 years
thank God angsuwe zimbabwe Magagula mfowethu siminawe sengathi ungawuthola umlayezo jaha elidala awesabi ezkhonkotha zingelamazinyo. ayihlome ihlasele ababuyele kibo ezimbambe
Anonymous user 11 years
Zanu Pf is poison. Seriously what happened to our leaders form matabeleland? They have let us down and no one will take us serious. But the honest truth, no man can seat on a hot plate of stove for long. One day Mthwakazi will jump, imbava ziza gcwala iganga.
Anonymous user 11 years
Thank you Chairman, Let these Mthwakazi dreamers do their dreaming. Not in the country of the great Tjibundule,Nitjasike, Munhuunotapa and other Mambos!
Anonymous user 11 years
Thanks Magagula, this live history should be kept forever because ANC sports ZANU PF 100%
Anonymous user 11 years
Ngiqinisile ngiqinisile ngithi kini kozonukĀ“'umswane wama swina. Ba zulelwa nga manqe.
Anonymous user 11 years
Spend a few years with Zanu Pf and you will never be a human being again.
Anonymous user 11 years
UKhaya Moyo has eaten of the Shona food and will never be umuntu again. Owonakeleyo angeke alunge!
Anonymous user 11 years
But the Ndebele now know who is ruling them!
Anonymous user 11 years
Every genocide is revenged!
Anonymous user 11 years
I just don't know how I can best describe you, but in your own language which am not good at in writing this is what is called ukubhotsha. You are lying and the things that you are trying to talk about are hearsays. Buza tina the ppl who operated with the guys of Umkhonto.
Anonymous user 11 years
'Moyo must be man enough to explain that Zanu-pf and Apartheid South Africa supported each other in the 1980's Genocide that left over 500 000 Mthwakazians dead; raped; maimed and scattered all over the world.' I quote your words. By this time there Zimbabweans were slightly above a million and the Shona costitute 80-90% of the population. Don't you think yours is a blue lie bases on ngano dzanatsuro nagudo dzenhando.Can you reference what you alluded in your article to reliable sources.
Anonymous user 11 years
Phela o Khaya bacabanga ngezisu zabo. Such leaders lack vision, no wonder o Khaya and company are still stuck with the visionless zanu. Forward backward never sizwe sika Mthwakazi.
Anonymous user 11 years
Please let us try to be national in our outlook. Why every time try to play the victim.Let bygones be bygones and move forward to build a prosperous country.Gukurahundi is a sad chapter of our history so are the Matabele raids on the Shonas which were of a genocidal proportion. As a nation we will prosper as ethnic groupings we have no hope.S
Anonymous user 11 years
In your whole article, i think you meant ZANU, which SK Moyo has never been a part of, and not Zanu PF which didnt exist at any of the periods you have mentioned. Mpehla'
Anonymous user 11 years
Mhla uMoyo ezananzelela ukuba ungumNdebele uncindezelwe ngamaShona, uzazibophela ngentambo encinyane!
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