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Heartless husband bashes seven-month pregnant woman with a stick

12 years ago | 13298 Views
PUCHONG: A seven-month pregnant woman was beaten up by her heartless husband who kicked and hit her with a wooden stick before locking her up in a room for five hours at their home in Bandar Kinrara on Sunday, reported Harian Metro.

The woman who was left in a weakened state was saved by her neighbor after her 30-year-old husband left the house.

In the 1pm incident, the 25-year-old woman sustained injuries in her body and face from the ruthless attack.

It is understood that this is not the first time she was assaulted by her husband.

The woman was beaten with long wooden stick by her husband after he became furious following a misunderstanding.

According to a source, the man also kicked his pregnant wife’s back and punched her in the ear and face.

The source said, after seeing the victim in a helpless state, the man proceeded to force her into a room where she was confined before fleeing.

Meanwhile, Serdang Police Chief ACP Abd Razak Elias, confirmed that a report was made on the incident.

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Anonymous user 11 years
mmmmmmm and such men get away with it.. disappear for a while, come back and sleep with the same woman, give her more kids and continue to oppress her. its like an addiction either way. thats just how women are socialised. Like the film "in the womb" .. expectant mothers should preach total immancipation from mental slavery to the unborn child and whisper it in their ears each and everyday of their lives.. to boys".. "a woman should be respected,,, she is not a punching bag.. she has feelings too, i.e. she can feel oppression" to the girl child ... "you are special ... no one should treat you otherwise.. dont even allow it ..not once, not twice never ever.. an abusive man is not human and doesnt deserve to be married - marriage is for human beings."
Anonymous user 11 years
what a devilish hub idont wish such a 1
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