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Is Bulawayo being sabotaged?

12 years ago | 32543 Views
Why is it that most companies close down in the city only to re open in Harare.
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Anonymous user 12 years
Jaha uyitshaye ekhaleni indaba lapha. its very obvious that this is economic sabotage
Anonymous user 12 years
By the time Mthwakazi is liberated all assets will have moved to Harare thats how cunning these people are
Anonymous user 12 years
Just a few examples of companies closing shop in Bulawayo and reopening in Harare? Hmmm....
Anonymous user 12 years
i think its now an eye opener where these businesses heart s are, so as a citizen of Mthwakazi i wish our people can have a BUY BULAWAYO campaign, we can do it just get all strategic businesses re-establishing in Bulawayo and partner with other countries e.g tshwane and shun products from harare it can wake them up. BCC used to run the city off the revenue from INGWEBU and now all the bottle stores belong to some people we cant pronounce their names, just a thought.....
Anonymous user 12 years
there is a new capital city being built just 40km out of Harare,at Mount Hampden.cunning people indeed they are!they are literally looting form Mthwakazi and by the time we reclaim our heriatage,legacy and sovereignty,it will be nothing but empty shells and as long as they hold on to the tittle deeds,they can still influence the going on's from harare.i can bet you they have a hand in the Marikana uprising in SA,just so they can discredit Zuma, and distract him from his mandate of mediating the GPA/coalition deadlock and crisis in zim.aliqunywe!!!!!
Anonymous user 12 years
annoymous[not anonymous}users ,i challenge you to tell us which companiesand what resources have been looted from your "Mthwakazi'.in my view Mthwakazi founder and his sons looted people,grain and cattle from the people you call shona today.fact!mugabe and zanu pf with the help of the ndebele in his part "looted"over 20000 lives of the ndebele speaking people.whether he sent them to hell or heaven only God knows however forgotten are the lives of shona speaking people murdered by the pro ZAPU SOILDIERS and the role ZAPU played .why the sons and daughters choose Harare as their investment destination is not my problem but i would love to see them inveting in bulawayo and KZN .
Anonymous user 12 years
Anonymous user 12 years
this was always the agenda and still is
Anonymous user 12 years
I don't know what to say about this, zimbabwe is a shame country, leaders are so stupid
Anonymous user 12 years
lnjalo lento economic sabotage.
Anonymous user 12 years
oh,lafa elikaMthwakazi.
Anonymous user 11 years
Has always been.
Anonymous user 11 years
All you need to do is to read the 1979 Grand Plan of Zanu PF. It indicates exactly what was planned long back for Bulawayo and Matabeleland and the Midlands.
Anonymous user 11 years
how can business thrive in winging, dreaming and hating? Business likes hardwork and risk taking and those are the missing elements. No Grand conspiracy can beat that pair.
Anonymous user 11 years
In Harare we're not bothered by what language or part of Zimbabwe you come from. Just provide good service and a product and we'll buy. we'll probably buy from you and sell it to your relatives at a higher price. it is the same in Bulawayo?
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